What is All The Buzz Behind Sculpture and Visual Art?

Sculpture is an art medium that often brings to mind Roman or Egyptian statutes created centuries ago. Images of water flowing or fire flickering can be evoked without movement using a sculpture's hands. Today 3D printing is being used for sculpture. Artist, Carolann Espino uses clay, bronze, glass, metal and other mediums to create her sculptural pieces. Visual art can convey messages and feelings that are relaxing, important, exciting, and interpreted as each viewer chooses. Sometimes the viewer sees something completely different from the artist. Sculptural work is a process which takes sometimes weeks and months to complete. Carolann enjoys using  her hands to shape and form her work. She loves working with clay due to it's organic nature. One of her favorite oceanlife creatures is octopi. She proudly includes her octopi on her website, each different and impressive.

If you wish to study sculpture, San Jose City College (SJCC) and San Jose State University (SJSU) offers many great classes. Carolann Espino. has for several years helped students as a Teacher Assistant under the direction of Michelle Gregor. Michelle Gregor is a professor and accomplished ceramic sculptural Master at (SJCC.). Carolann is available on her own terms; but many search her out for her multimedia art. She is available for lessons in visual art, and as a consultant for students and artists. If you wish to contact Carolann the best way is by email. If interested in future work, keep up with her website and stay posted about future  showings. She will be adding a shop, videos, and a forum to provide her expertise for interested members.