Environment & Social Activism through Art

Carolann Espino - My Life in Art

2D Art Painting

"Carolann Cries for the Earth"Self Portrait

 Mother Earth, Acrylic

Nature  is a spiritual necessity for all of us.  My experience as a young child reinforced my love of nature. I  use my artform as an inspiration to others to work together to save earth, the animals and our oceans.  We are not the last generation; there will be others after we are gone. There must be progress, but we must ask ourselves what kind of progress we want which is worth destroying our planet and the future of our children. Once it is gone no amount of money will bring it back.  It seems such a simple choice.

     Ocean Nightlife/ Acrylic

Climate change is likely to make existing ocean dead zone worse.  Warmer water holds less oxygen and researchers have found that 94 % of the world's dead zones are in areas expected to see a temperature rise. The largest U.S. dead zones are in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Oregon.  Everyone in the eastern and southeastern United States lives close to a dead zone of some size. There are two reasons for the density of dead zones along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. There is an astonishing concentration of people, as well as animals and farms which feed us, in the East. In addition there aren't many rivers draining into the Pacific Ocean. With fewer rivers to carry farm runoff to the sea, more dead zones form. This creates algae blooms which robs our oceans of oxygen which causes all life to perish.  My  goal is for all of us to become warriors in our attempts to protect our beautiful planet and the life within it.

          Carolann's Secret Childhood Garden   

Dragonfly, Watercolor

Crawling Creatures Plastic Art

 Dream Garden  - Plastic          Recycled Medium

Ocean Floor Plastic Art Recycled

Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Environmental and Social Artivism​

Environmental Artist



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