Environment & Social Activism through Art

Carolann Espino - My Life in Art    Ceramic

Carolann Espino 

   Ceramic  Octopus  Mixed Media

    Red  Octopus Business  Card Holder

Minoan  Ceramic  Vessel 

Wall Hanging  Mixed Media Ceramic, Metal

Threatened  Violet Octopus

More than 300 octopi species are believed to inhabit earth's oceans.  These ocean creatures have eight arms (not tenacles) and a bulbous head.  They squirt ink to deter predators and are boneless. They are quite intelligent and one of my favorite ocean creatures.  Most octopi species have suction cups on the bottom of each arm. Two-thirds of their neurons are in it's arms rather than their head. An octopus can focus on exploring a cave for food with one arm while another arm tries to crack open a shellfish.  An octopus has three hearts, one pumping blood through it's organs, the second and third pumping blood through it's gills. Their blood is blue due to a copper-based protein called hemocyanin. They live in our oceans and are under assault from pollution, over-fishing, habitat loss, and loss of food from the disruption of the food chain.  The constant issue is human factors affecting their ecosystem.The Octopi species is endangered throughout the world. They are extraordinarily beautiful oceanic creatures we must not lose.

Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Environmental and Social Artivism​

Environmental Artist


San Jose, California, 95110


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