Environmental & Social Activism through Art

Carolann Espino. - My Life In Art  

Mixed Media/Recycled

Frontal View of Forest Creature

   Forest  Creature Mixed Media


Recycled Glass/Wood Frame Wall Art

Bleached Coral Reef/Recycled          Glass/Ceramic Base

 Mixed Media Recycled Glass Ceramic Base

Thriving Coral Reef/ Recycled Glass  Ceramic Base

Recyled Antique Lamp Dollface 

Handpainted Mixed Media

  Wizard of Oz  Vintage Suitcase Collage    

Silver Teapot,craft beads

 " Paris,"Recycled, sterling silver teapot

Boy on the Box

 Vintage Doll , Wood Stand, craft jewelry

   "Autumn," Recycled lampshade,mixed media

Recycled Pewter vessel hand beaded and painted

"Glamor Girl, Pewter Antique Vessel, vintage jewelry, crystals


Porcelin on Crystal Base,  Mixed Media

Metal Sculpture/Recycled Assemblage

Artist. Creator. Visionary.


San Jose, Califorrnia, 95110


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