Conceptual Art

Carolann Espino is a local artist who uses a combination of traditional, and conceptual ideas. Conceptual art expresses ideas in non-traditional representation. One of the most noted conceptual artists was Marcel Duchamp with his Readymade art. He is often considered the father of conceptual art. He changed the art world forever, and opened the doors to new expression for artists all over the globe.

Prior to Duchamp, art was very traditional,representational or used to promote a narrative. The Catholic Church used art to promote fear, punishment and power. Providing art as a propaganda narrative to an illiterate population was used extensively by religion and the politically powerful.

Today, artists communicate through many means and modalities. Carolann loves art history and enjoys learning about important artists of our times. Global art activism is extremely effective in bringing attention to conditions and situations humanity is facing. This is the impetus behind Carolann’s conceptual art movement: Social Artivism.

Conceptual art is freedom for artists to convey an idea using anything. Conceptual Art is not meant to be restricted to traditional methods. The viewer's mind is opened to new approaches to art when they see a conceptual art installation. Even if the viewer does not take away the exact meaning, or absolutely finds it not art, this is the freedom artists have today. 

Many museums have put their entire inventory online for a virtual experience during the pandemic, so broaden your horizons and learn more about today's artists. Carolann will soon be adding a store, videos, an art forum and events for interested viewers on her website. Her art studio is based in her home, and due to the pandemic, it is not possible to visit her at this time.