Environmental Artist

What Is Environmental Art? Why Does it Matter?

Environmental art takes many forms, but always connects to the strain on our planet’s survival. This includes bringing attention to the most pressing problem; that of climate change. Protecting life, air, oceans and habitats on our planet must be a priority for our global survival. Art may be a natural on-site project using discarded objects from a particular area to create an image of a sea turtle or other endangered wildlife.

As an environmental artist, Carolann Espino focuses her work on current and historical events damaging the environment and it's citizens. She uses conceptual and traditional methods of art, incorporating recycled materials and found objects to create a kind of “recycled art.” Carolann's art is part of a solution by recycling to combat consumerism, and plastic pollution. Her art brings attention to current global and pressing national social problems.

Carolann Espino has been sharing her quality artwork online and throughout California, primarily Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area.  Long time fans of her work and newcomers alike are inspired to change habits or develop an awareness of our ability to be part of the solution. Environmental and Social Artivism, displays many artworks  encouraging others to support action to protect the planet.

She works daily at her home studio creating new work. Her latest installations have been creating a buzz in the local art scene and inspiring many to think more seriously about climate change, pollution, habitat loss, and animal extinction.

Keep your eyes open for her future videos, events, and forum topics. Become a member to receive updates on retail available for purchase. Additional pages providing a more interactive exchange will be coming soon. Anyone interested in Environmental and Social Artivism should stay connected to the work of Carolann Espino.