Environmental Artist

What Is Environmental Art? Why Does it Matter?

An Environmental Artist focuses his/her work to topics about our planet, nature, animal survival, climate change and science.This arist uses conceptual and traditional methods of art, recycled material and found objects. Social Activism addresses society, causes, and circumstances.  She uses art in a creative form to bring attention to current global and pressing national social problems. Environmental art may use rocks on a beach to create an onsite installation using nature as the backdrop. It may be a natural onsite project using discarded objects collected in a particular area to create a sea turtle or other wildlife. If interested in environmental art , then check out the work of Carolann Espino.

Environmental and Social Artivism displays many artforms by this artist. Objects from nature and recycled  items may be used to bring awareness about protecting our resources, nature, or ocean life. For example, plastic  is  killing birds and polluting our oceans. Carolann Espino has been sharing her quality artwork with people in California and the San Francisco Bay area for decades. Fans of her work and newcomers alike are inspired to change habits or at least develop a new awareness of our abiility to be part of the solution. We all have the ability to help humankind and our planet. Currently, Carolann is available by email appointment; due to the pandemic.  She has a home studio and works daily creating new work. Her installations have been creating a buzz in the local art scene and inspiring many to think about climate change, pollution, habitat loss and animal extinction. If you wish to view her work, browse her site Environmental and Social Artivism. Keep your eyes open for  her future videos, events and forum topics. Become a member receiving updates on retail available for purchase. Additional  pages providing a more interactive exchange will be coming soon.