Cultural Art

 Cultural Art From Around The Globe

Art unifies faster than any other medium. A person does not have to take the time to learn a language, read a book, or invest in travel to be able to enjoy the art from people who belong to entirely different cultural groups across the planet. The power of unification that art has makes it more important than ever. Today museums have become more inclusive of indigenous art and non-European artist. Art is predominently promoted based on money and connections. The art world in the past and today is primarily catering to a caucasian wealthy audience. Carolann experienced this herself when first launching her art career. She understands that prior to the written word art provided knowledge about people all over the world. Art taught us all about where they  lived, what they wore, and how they cared for their families.  

Right here in the San Francisco Bay area, you  can find local artist,Carolann Espino. Her artwork  reflects her personal life and the richness of her Mexican culture. Her family have lived in the San Jose area for over 100 years. Environmental and Social Artivism is the name of her site and her work speaks for itself. She has been a local artist with talent and voice for the things she cares about as well as a volunteer, art consultant, and teacher. The San Francisco Bay area has benefited from the boldness of Carolann's art and she urges anyone interested in learning more about a region's culture to start with the art that is produced there. If you are searching for an art consultant that can offer an educated and experienced voice contact her. She loves sharing  her techniques as a multimedia artist who is not confined to one methodology. Carolann Espino is exactly who you have been searching for. Browse her site and work to see her standards and what makes her stand out as a talented multimedia artist.