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                                                   The Chernobyl and Fukishima Ongoing Tragedy

In April 1986, a nuclear power plant in the former Soviet Union exploded filling the atmosphere with 100 times more radiation than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.  The Chernobyl plant is located on the boarder area between Ukraine and Belarus.  At the time of the accident, 7 million people lived in the contaminated territories, including 3 million children.  The plant has been covered with cement. It is now a dilapidated, decaying plant that cannot really be guaranteed to protect the population. Four decades later, radiactive elements are spread through dust particles deposited in the earth by rainfall or enter the food chain through plants and animals. Millions continue to be exposed to these low doses of radiation .Many of the children after the accident were born with disabilities so severe their parents couldn't care for them. They lived in institutions their entire lives.The severely affected children and adults are now deceased. The second generation of children were also born with severe genetic irregularities and birth defects.  The tragedy now in the third generation lingers on to this day.The government hid this nuclear explosion for thirty five hours from the population and the world.  It was not until radiation was measured in Europe that the government began to evaculate unknowing populations.

When I first learned of this tragedy in 1986 and saw the photos of the children born with horrific deformities, I was shocked  to my core.  To this day, no human can live in  Prityat which was a metropolitan city near the plant.  Only animals live in the area and all are radioactive. Even  a spider web which ordinarily is geometically perfect in its  weave shows the effects of radiation. The orginal animals had severe deformities as well. Only nature remains in this once prosperous city.


In Japan, the nuclear plant meltdown called Fukishima happened in 2011. It is the second major nuclear accident. This was caused by an earthquake and Tsunami.  Citizens and animals  left behind died from radiation or drowning.  This accident has had lasting effects to our oceans, oceanlife, animals and the globe.  Long term effects are still being measured. Radiation has affected the food chain and some countries have banned  rice , fish and fishing from Japan. The blue finned tuna yearly migrates to the west coast from this area. Pregnant women should avoid consuming tuna and other seafood. The population cannot return to their homes. Radiation is still leaking in the pacific ocean to this day. It is important for people to learn and keep aware of this plant and Chernobyl.

Child Victim of Radiation Exposure

Child Victim of Radiation Exposure

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil - Innocence Lost 

Chilrens Shoes Left Behind

Babies at Day Care

The Cover-up of Government  Clowns

The Black Heart of Deception

Unknown Photographer


Radiation Exposure has no  Mercy

Unknown Photographer

Mother Earth Holding Humanity, Acrylic on Canvas

Assemblage, Porcelin Mixed Media

 Exhibit at San Jose State University

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