Environment & Social Activism through Art

Carolann Espino  -  My Life in Art

Ceramic Sculpture

San Jose State Sculpture Class

Avalon Protector of Birds

 Endangered Emperor Penquins,

Ceramic Sculpture/ hifire

Peace Offering to Mother Earth

   Ceramic glazed Chicken

Factory Farming is  a major cause of environmental degradation in the United States and around the world.  It kills fish and other wildlife and it makes people sick. It can be cause for epidemics, disease and pandemics.  In nature chickens and turkeys rangein small flocks over wide areas. In poultry factory farming thousands of birds are crammed into extremely small areas. Filth, ugliness and disease are the result of this unwholesome and unnatural confinement of living creatures. U.S. slaughterhouses now kill millions of birds every day. This carnage pollutes land, air and water with diseased carcasses, feces, heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, parasites, pathogen cysts, and viruses.  U.S. chicken producers use millions of pounds of the antibiotic arsenic compound Roxarsone each year. More  than 95 % fed to chickens is excreted in chicken waste which is applied as fertilizer. The arsenic can leach into surface and ground water supplies .  Factory Poultry manure harms wildlife, habitat and human health. Concentrated poultry waste spawns excess algae that consume aquatic nutrients and block sunlight needed by underwater grasses. In decay, the algae suffocage fish.  High levels of nitrate in groundwater used as drinking water can cause a blood disorder in infants, knows as "blue baby disease.'Check the  forum to find out what you can do on my website. 

  Animal Indigenous Vessel

   Ceramic Teapot

 Indigenous Sage Vessel Ceramic

Ceramic sculpture white glaze

   Protector of our Forests

Tortoise Shell Ceramic

   Garden Sculpture glazed ceramic

 Ceramic glazed Candle Holder

Ceramic with Porcelin Bird

My Interpretation of Queen Mother

Queen Mother, Benin Nigerian Queen  Mid 16th Century-Orignal Belt Buckle Made of  Ivory

  Hand Painted Greek Ceramic Vessel

My interpretation of the Snake Goddess,  Palace of Knossos, Crete, Greece 1600 BCE 

  Threatened Elephant Table piece

               Ceramic  Sculpture

#MeToo - Mother Earth

Artist. Creator. Visionary.



San Jose, California, 95110


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