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I have had the priviledge of traveling to many countries throughout the world.  I am fasinated by the diversity of cultures, art, language, religious beliefs.  I painted  people from all over the world as well as religious art and icons.  I traveled to Budaphest and Romania and visited monasteries in Eastern Europe.  I was raised as a catholic so my religious art reflects my early exposure to the Catholic Church.  The early church had a monopoly on art . It was used as a narrative story through art to promote the Church.  The villagers were controlled by keeping them illiterate, poor, and afraid.  This was depicted in the art. Christ, Mother Mary, the Virgin de Quadalupe was part of this art monopoly.  Though women were depicted as saints and the mother of God in real life they had little rights and priviledges.  My feeling about traveling is everyone should do so.  If you are an artist I believe it is essential.  Other cultures are colorful, vivid, interesting and moving.  Each human being has their own story. Each human I have met wants to be able to provide food, comfort and safety to their families. I wanted to show the excitement of other cultures.

Carolann Espino & Isabele Allende

 Jesus from a Dream 

 Catholic Madonna & Child

 Religious Art Madonna 

Picasso Style Madonna & Child


Collage of Mona Lisa

Virgen De Guadalupe/Acrylic Gold Leafing 

Unglazed Ceramic 

Home Altar dedicated to my Grandmother

Meditating Buddha of India

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