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I have had the priviledge of traveling to many countries .  I am fasinated by other cultures, art, history and spiritual beliefs. In 200 1, I traveled to Eastern Europe, specifically Hungry, Budaphest , and Romania I visited monasteries  in both countries.   I feel traveling is so important for artist and people in general.  While in Romania I met gypsy children who were ferral; living in underground tunnels.  Each human being has their own story and I was so moved when they surrounded our bus. My reason for traveling to Eastern Europe was also to be part of a tour called , The Dracula Tour.For an entire month I traveled through the Carpinthian mountains, visiting castles where Valid the Impaler ruled.  The book Dracula was based on this rulers life.  Surprisingly, Romanians do not see him the way he is depicted.  What most western. cultures do not know is that Vlad the Impaler was Christian. He was torchered and imprisoned and hated the Turks.  After escaping, he regained his throne and sought revenge . I traveled to Translysvania, which was a beautiful city. It was the most amazing trip I have ever had the opportunity to experience.  All of these travels have influenced my work. When I returned I began creating religious art. I embellish art  using vintage jewelry, brass and fresh water pearls in these particular pieces. 

Carolann Espino & Isabele Allende, 2001 past client,NYT Best Selling Author

 Catholic Madonna & Child

 Religious Art Madonna 

Picasso Style Madonna & Child

Virgen De Guadalupe/Acrylic Gold Leafing 


Unglazed Ceramic 

Home Altar dedicated to my Grandmother

Meditating Buddha of India

Artist. Creator. Visionary


San Jose, California 95110


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