Abstract Art

Abstract art is not art which has a defined or obvious subject. Abstract art is like good writing. A writer can master the skill of showing a scene with as few obvious cues as possible. Instead of saying something outright, it possesses a freedom and quality which is intuitive. This may be expressed through brush strokes, splashes, or drips on a canvas. When an artist conveys their feelings, imagination and freedom to create an abstract painting, the results can be remarkable. People discuss the piece with their circles and it can provide a deep meaning to the viewer.

Carolann Espino has changed the direction of her painting with abstract, textured collage and other mediums. She is slowly beginning to post her latest work. Her older work is bold, colorful and some pieces reflect her heritage. Her paintings were portraitures about people from other places and different religions. 

Her work related to Chernobyl is disturbing and symbolic. It is about an environmental catastrophe that occurred affecting thousands of Russian citizens. It includes conceptual, sculpture and painting. It reflects her heartache and solemn respect for the innocent victims and needless loss that occurred from negligence and government cover-up.  It is a real historical event and shows the range of her work. 

Carolann paints what speaks to her and what she sees in the world that makes her want to inspire change. Her new direction translates to abstract pieces that provide her more freedom than traditional realistic pieces. Browse her site and her showcases in the area to find out more. If you wish to contact her you may at her email address. She invites you to become a member of her website. She looks forward to meeting new friends and art lovers.